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Thank you for taking the time to explore the various ways to give to Christ the King Catholic Church. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Your Sunday offerings help the church provide for the regular operating expenses of running the parish, including utilities, staff salaries, liturgical and office supplies, and the maintenance of the grounds.  Thank you for your regular donations.

Your second collections offerings on Sunday help aid past our own parish boundaries. As Catholics, we are apart of the universal church that provides for local, national, and international needs. Most collections are scheduled throughout the year. However, we have one-time collections responding to natural disasters and other special needs. Thank you for your prayerful consideration and contribution

Donations to the building fund helps us in our current expansion of the church as well as necessary renovations to our already existing buildings. With your generous help, our parish can continue to grow. Thank you for your donations

Holy days of Obligation are religious feast days that Catholics must attend mass and refrain from unnecessary work. As we celebrate the important feast days at these times, we thank you for your contribution

To make a gift in memory or in honor of someone.